The owner of 85 Eastern Parkway, Mr. Mordechai Nagel, is app tempting to convert rent-stabilized apartments [1D, 2C, and 6C] into market-value apartments by subdividing them. This nearly five-year attempt is actively opposed as potentially illegal by the 85 Eastern Parkway Tenants Association, as well as by various city and state officials. Legislation is currently pending in the State Assembly to prohibit such actions altogether.

If you are considering renting apartments labeled "1D", "2C", or "6C" (or any permutation such as 1D-a or 2C-b), be aware that you may be forced to vacate at some point.


This website is by and about  the residents of 85 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY and is maintained by the tenants association. The first and foremost duty of the 85 EPTA is to protect the welfare of the residents of the building. 

The association is a member of:


In a long-awaited decision, the Department of Buildings (DOB) has effectively ruled against the owner and his plans, issuing a Stop Work Order on the entire building. The Stop Work Order means no work can go forward until all objections raised have been met (this means work that falls under city supervision, not the Super fixing your leaks). In addition, an Order to Vacate has been placed on 1D (mirroring the same notice on 2C), and all remaining work on the building is under Notice to Revoke.

All of this means that, effectively, the owner’s attempt to subdivide apartments is dead

More on this here.

There are, however, far deeper and far more important principles involved here, issues that go to the core of the entire rent-stabilization structure. We stand ready to support the elected officials who represent us in finding more permanent rulings to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

Again, to all who have so strongly supported and helped us during the past two years, a big, heart-felt thanks.

We remain vigilant. 

So what is next for 85 EPTA: actively participating  in the block association CuRBA, supporting other tenants associations in our neighborhood in their fight and much more.

About the Martha Washington & the neighborhood

The Martha Washington was built between 1918 and 1922 and is along Eastern Parkway, a Scenic Landmark.The parkway was designed by Frederick Olmsted, famous for two other of his projects: Central Park and Prospect Park.

The construction started in 1870 and was completed in 1874.  Olmsted had envisioned the park and parkway as encouragement to prestigious residential buildings. The formal elegance of the parkway attracted such prestigious cultural institutions as the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Brooklyn Public Library.