• The Tenants Association spoke to Brooklyn 12 News about the attempt by Mordichai Nagel, the owner of 85 Eastern Parkway, to divide seven apartments into 14 smaller and in the process get rid of rent-stabilization


What people say

  • Laurie Cumbo, Council woman, 35 District of Brooklyn, shared in a letter to DOB Borough Commissioner, Ira Gluckman, a list of issues linked to the possible construction of an additional 7 stories to the building. Ms. Cumbo said "our concerns are for the safety and well-being of the tenants of 85 Eastern Parkway and the residents of the block" and urged Mr. Gluckman to address these issues.
  • @lastbohemians: @85epta @CurbedNY This is an evil plot to chase out rent-stabilized tenants, as well as to slap on luxury housing. Dylan Foley 175 EP [on Twitter]
  • "The whole block is in an uproar," said 23-year resident Alison Kelley, who walks with a service dog and worries about elevator access to her fourth-floor apartment during construction. [in DNAinfo article]
  • "We want an amicable solution," said Jim Purvis, a member of the 85 EPTA. "If this turns into a turf war, everybody will lose." [in DNAinfo article]

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